When new this car was £85,000 and this shows in the level of comfort and technology in the car today.

The Royal Family have always used a Bentley because of its superb build quality.

Sink back into the luxurious leather upholstery made as only Bentley can.  Look out across that massive bonnet and know you are travelling in something special.  Watch as people in the street turn and wave at you.  This is the car to make you feel like a Princess on your big day.

This is truly the best car ever produced by Mercedes.  With a price tag of over £100,000 when new this car has everything you can want.

Double glazed windows with privacy glass for peace and quiet.  Air suspension for the perfect drive to your destination.  Electric window blind in the rear to complete your privacy. Electric and heated seats, front and rear.

Plus we have the Limousine model with extra leg room for you to stretch out and relax.

The XJ8 was the car that defined Jaguar and was used by Royalty and Politicians alike because of the superior ride, comfort and reliability.  When new it cost £50,000 as shown in all the levels of Technology this car has.  Sit back in the fantastic white leather interior and let our gorgeous Jaguar take you to your destination.

The Limousine seats 7 passengers in comfort with huge leather seats, air conditioning and privacy glass. Bespoke-made by Volvo, this is a custom built car with all the safety features that comes of being a Volvo.  Feel like a film star when you travel in this amazing machine for your wedding day.