Our Cars 
We have Jaguar's finest, the modern and stylish XJ8, available for your chauffeur driven car hire.  It is also extremely elegant, making it an ideal chauffeur driven wedding vehicle for brides, bridesmaids, parents of the wedding couple or the groom and best man. 4 passengers can travel in pure comfort and style with the Jaguar XJ8. This beautiful wedding car is a perfect match for the Bentley Turbo.  We recommend the Jaguar XJ8 as perhaps your second car, or as a slightly cheaper option to the Bentley Turbo. The Jaguar XJ8 has previously won car of the year. Known for being driven by the Prime Minister, statesmen and royalty before now. The XJ series has evolved into one of the world’s most prestigious luxury vehicles, it also holds the sport status, with stunning power and gliding performance. The stylish XJ8 makes the proud statement of Jaguar individuality. Everything about the XJ8 expresses the unique values of the Jaguar marquee. This Jaguar always stands out and is beautiful for weddings and other special occasions. This is not just a fashion statement. Instead, the XJ8 is a statement of quality. It is a true reflection of the care and attention to detail the Jaguar upholds. The Jaguar is firmly placed head and shoulders above the mass production competitors on the road today. The chauffeur driven Jaguar XJ8 is readily available for the bridegroom on his wedding day. With luxury leather and climate control you are sure to arrive in chauffeur driven style on your special day. This is modern luxury at its best. Simply sit back in the extremely comfortable leather interior and relax.​​
Welcome to our Bentley Turbo; this is truly an amazing piece of machinery. From the first look at the gleaming red paintwork to sinking back into the luxurious white leather seats. , Hear the solid clunk as the door is closed behind you; then  listening to the quiet rumble of the 6.7 turbo under the bonnet; you know you are in travelling in real class and comfort.​​​​​​ Brought out in 1980 as an sister to the Rolls-Royce there was not much difference to choose between the two. This was until 1985 when the Turbo was introduced giving the Bentley 300 bhp, which also gave it more of a sports feel than the Rolls-Royce. When new the Bentley retailed at £80,000. This shows today in the level of equipment that you can see and feel. These include electric windows, power steering. electric mirrors, electric seats....... the list goes on. So, to conclude, if you would like a day where you feel the absolute centre of attention, it's safe to say the Bentley Turbo is the car to come and look at and go for a short Drive if you so desire
What can we tell you about the AC Cobra that you don't already know? It's faster to 60mph than a politician claiming their expenses.  Carroll Shelby, the Texan racing driver, came up with an unlikely alliance beween AC Cars and the Ford Motor Company, the AC Ace providing the simple twin-tube chassis frame - supplied with four-wheel disc brakes for the Southern Roadcraft Cobra, into which Ford inserted their small-block V8. Production ran to just 1,029 cars between 1962 and 1968, starting again in 1980 with the MkIV when Autokraft acquired the AC brandes,

Smoother than a George Clooney pick-up line and cooler than a frozen Hugh Jackman. Want one .Try ours  and have a ride you will remember